Toronto Wolfpack Announce Partnership With iGOTDOMS Compression Gear

(June 6th 2017 – Toronto, ON) – The Toronto Wolfpack is pleased to announce that they have partnered with the Yorkshire, UK based Compression Gear maker iGOTDOMS to supply Wolfpack players with cutting edge compression clothing that has been specifically designed and developed by sports science professionals.

Compression garments are form-fitting apparel specially made to help athletes prevent muscle strain, relieve muscle pain and reduce the time it takes for muscles to repair themselves. The gear can also help improve blood flow and stabilise joints during activity, all of which helps boost athletic performance.

iGOTDOMS was founded by Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and Ex-pro Rugby League player Andy Wray who launched the company in 2016. Together with his business partner Jo Loftus, they have built a company that is uniquely placed to deliver the best possible compression wear that takes into account both the physiotherapy and the athletic aspects of sportswear.

“We’re very pleased to have partnered with iGOTDOMS, who truly have some of the best and most advanced compression gear in the market. Our boys train hard and apparel like this tremendously helps speed up recovery after an intense training session, and ensures our team is ready to perform.” Stated Brian Noble, Director of Rugby for the Toronto Wolfpack.

This partnership represents a great deal of synergy for both organisations as it helps provide leading compression technologies that will ensure that the team will be leading the pack in terms of the use of the best on-field kit technology in the game.

Moreover, through this partnership, iGOTDOMS will gain opportunities to expand their business, as the product will soon be stocked in both the Wolfpack retail store in Toronto as well as their store online. This will include the children’s ranges Toronto pups and the wider DIDDYDOMS and Adult Compression ranges.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be providing this forward-thinking team with our compression clothing. We look forward to developing our ranges in partnership with the Wolfpack to aid the players in reaching their full potential and in turn being able to bring the best possible products to our customers”



Whatever your ambition may be; whether at work or training for a marathon, completing an Ironman challenge, shredding that extra weight or completing your first gym class, all of our muscle cells react in exactly the same way when pushed to their capacity.

Our compression wear helps you perform at your very best, supporting your muscles during exercise, assisting you with temperature regulation and all the time ensuring that you look fantastic. Following your workout the compression aids recovery by increasing the blood flow to your muscles by gently increasing the venous return pressure.

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The Toronto Wolfpack is a professional Rugby League team dedicated to progressing through the English Rugby Football League’s (RFL) ranks, from League 1 to the Super League. We are Canada’s first professional Rugby team, and the world’s first transatlantic professional sports team.

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