Training Camp Report With Coach Finnigan – August 4, 2017

30th of July Toronto Wolfpack lost our first ever League game to York City Knights. The importance of this loss isn’t the fact that we don’t have a unbeaten season: it’s a lesson on how important it is to reach and maintain the standards we as a group judge ourselves by.

Following a loss players and coaches will question themselves with what went wrong, what we as a group could have done better. We had a very honest and up front video review the Monday after the game and everyone had their say of what they thought had contributed to the loss.

We as a group know exactly what needs fixing and I’m sure it will be reflected in our performance this Sunday away against Workington.

Workington has always been a tough away trip for any team the crowd are loud and the Workington players always rise a few levels when playing at home it was a battle last time we met and we will expect no different this time around.

Much love,