Toronto Wolfpack Launch Player Sponsorships

The Toronto Wolfpack have introduced an exciting new sponsorship package for the 2018 season. The intriguing initiative, which is relatively unknown in North American sport, gives companies the opportunity to sponsor a first team player. Wolfpack player sponsorship packages have been made available as the team prepares to compete in the Kingstone Press Championship for the first time.

Toronto Wolfpack Business Development Manager Martin Vickers said:

“We are extremely grateful to all our partners, who make a vital contribution to the team. In introducing this new package we hope to give even more businesses, in both the UK and Canada, the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Wolfpack.”

Toronto Wolfpack player sponsorships allow companies to associate their brand with North America’s only professional rugby team, as well as leveraging credibility and exposure that comes with partnering up with top-level professional athletes. Sponsorships also incorporate valuable exposure to a rapidly growing and passionate Toronto Wolfpack fan base, both at games and across digital platforms.

The entire 2018 Toronto Wolfpack squad are currently available for sponsorship. Vickers continued:

“Player sponsorships allow companies to tailor bespoke packages to meet their budgets and objectives around their chosen player. This may be a high profile new signing, an up and coming young player, a current international or a well known Rugby League veteran.”

Player sponsorship packages for 2018 include the following:

  • Social media post to announce player sponsorship.
  • Use of player imagery for promotional purposes.
  • Company logo and website link to appear on player profiles page on the Toronto Wolfpack website.
  • A player appearance from the sponsored player, with players able to appear in either in the UK or Canada.
  • Opportunity to meet the sponsored played and watch him train on the eve of a big game.
  • 4 Tickets to the Chairman’s Hospitality Area for a chosen regular season game at the Lamport Stadium.
  • PA announcements at home games, associating sponsorship to the player.
  • Signed shirt, as worn by the sponsored player, to be presented at the end of the season.

For more information on player sponsorship, and to check the latest availability and prices, please contact Martin Vickers via


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