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Sport is fantastic for countless reasons. It has the ability to make us feel the heights of jubilation but then break our hearts in the next instant. Sport breeds competition, excitement and camaraderie to name but a few benefits and this is certainly the case in rugby league.

Being such a fast paced and physical game, where players are required to give their all for their teammates, it is no surprise that rugby league squads are as tight knit off the field as they are on it. Despite only having a season together, the Toronto Wolfpack playing group embody what it is to be thoroughly committed to both each other and the cause.

Having come from obscurity to become one of the most talked about clubs in the sport in just 18 months is largely down to the spirit and desire of the players. Asked to travel regularly on seven hour flights for often five or six weeks away from their homes and families at a time to play in Canada, the attention the squad have put on enjoying each other’s company has been crucial to the happiness of the players and the success that has stemmed from that.

Throughout the Last Tackle TV documentary series on TWP, we have seen various examples of the player’s togetherness and the healthy friendships they have with each other to create such a positive atmosphere around the club. This has been particularly evident with the singing loud and proud of the club’s team song.

Ask anyone who follows a sports team and they will be able to sing you the club’s song. Challenge Cup Champions Hull FC have the traditional ‘Old Faithful’ dating back over 100 years, Super League Leeds Rhinos have the unmistakable ‘Marching on Together’ which have survived generations to still be synonymous with the club and city to this day.

As a club that started from scratch, the Wolfpack players had the unique task of generating their own team song and it has been a smash success with both players and fans alike. Inspired by the song ‘Freed from desire’ made famous by GALA, the cleverly put together ‘Wolfpack’s on fire’ has become a staple from the TWP boys this year.

Typically sung in the changing rooms after every win, Toronto’s dominant success in the League 1 competition this year has given them plenty of practice belting out rugby league’s newest song and the footage seen on Last Tackle shows the enthusiasm and buzz this tradition brings to the players at the club.

It epitomises the players’ love for what they do and there is no doubt you’ll be able to hear it down the corridors of plenty of Championship stadium’s next season as the Wolfpack look to take the RFL’s second tier competition by storm.

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