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The Toronto Wolfpack would like to thank the hundreds of owners who entered their dogs into our ‘Leader of the Pack’ contest. The first stage of the selection process has come to a close and it is now time to vote for supporters to vote for their favorite dog to ‘lead the pack’ in 2018.

The innovative new competition is running in partnership with Petcurean. The Canadian owned pet food brand creates food for dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, and sizes and is known for its high quality premium food and commitment to sustainability.

Wolfpack Marketing, Sponsorship and Communications Manager Jon Pallett said:

“It has been a pleasure to partner with Petcurean in search of the Wolfpack’s official canine ambassador for 2018. The submissions were fantastic and made this selection process extremely difficult.”

7 shortlisted dogs have been chosen to form ‘the pack’. Benji, Boss, Cadbury, Dakota and Duke were selected on Christmas Day, while Blue and Mason then qualified as wildcards through a social media vote. All will receive a spectacular Petcurean gift basket, which features an antique-style wood suitcase, picnic blanket, thermos, pet first aid kit, silicon collapsible bowl and much more.

“The Toronto Wolfpack look forward to now crowning our ‘Leader of the Pack’, and of course to meeting all of the pack at our pre season launch event” Pallett continued.

Voting for the ‘Leader of the Pack’ closes on Friday January 26th, the day of the Wolfpack’s pre-season match against Bradford Bulls at Odsal Stadium.

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The Pack 2018

Below are descriptions of each of the 7 dogs, and their owner’s words on why they should be crowned ‘Leader of the Pack’:


Benji may look small and cute but he has a fierce personality. He is never afraid of hard work, loves wrestling, and is super athletic. He thinks he’s a wolf and can take on all the big dogs in the dog park. Fierce, loyal, and passionate are the characteristics that make Benji the perfect candidate to be the Leader of the Pack.


Blue should the Leader of the Pack because he not only has wolf in his blood (his mom is a wolf hybrid), but he used to hang around the rugby pitch all the time. He’s a super active, friendly dog that fits the Toronto Wolfpack profile. He is fine with loud noises and would love season passes.


Boss is a big boy with an even bigger heart. He loves people and pups (not a big fan of raccoons though) and his favourite pastimes are going on “Sunday Adventures” (3 hour hikes) with his best friend Chewie and converting fearful people in to dog lovers with his wiggle butt! He loves to play, but can couch surf with the best of them. If you’re looking for a Dog Ambassador that will scare the heck out of an opposing team, but will melt the hearts of our fans, there couldn’t be a better choice than Boss.


When it comes to games, Cadbury is a natural born leader who spends his time at the park and on walks making sure every dog is attended to and appropriately tackled, while leaving no butt unsniffed. His tail is always wagging and eager to greet humans and dogs alike, making him a wonderful ambassador. As can be seen on his Instagram account, he is a charismatic dog with a wonderful personality, does not mind the occasional accessory like a scarf or jersey, and loves supporting his local Toronto teams, just like his mom and dad.


Dakota is a great choice for leader of the pack for a number of reasons. First off, she is young, strong and full of energy. It is definitely motivation for other dogs to get into shape and make the pack stronger. She will never leave anyone behind, as it is her mission to keep everyone. Once a week she goes on a 10km run keeping her stamina in tiptop shape. To build muscle she pulls heavy objects with a sled such as rocks, Christmas trees and even ice fishing/hunting gear. She is a kind of dog who always looks out for others to make the pack stronger. Dakota is definitely a role model to other dogs, which makes her perfect to lead the Wolfpack.


Duke would be the perfect choice as Leader of the Pack.  He is big, strong and extra handsome just like a rugby league player. He loves to be around people and is very social.  He enjoys having his picture taken, as usually it involves treats and some extra love afterwards!  He is fond of running and chasing sticks and balls, but is also a great oversized lap dog, and enjoys a cuddle or two when the time is right.


Mason is a White Shepherd foster-fail that was rescued from Houston in September. He’s a survivor. He was a stray puppy with a host of issues that indicated that he wasn’t supposed to make it. Today, he’s thriving healthy and motivated. His energy is inspiring everyone around him. Mason is just now experiencing his first winter, and his first Canadian holiday season. He leads by example with positive energy and love. He should be the Leader of the Pack for being such a joyful puppy.

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