Mason Named Leader of the Pack

Toronto Wolfpack and Petcurean are delighted to crown Mason as our 2018 ‘Leader of the Pack’.

After an initial nominations stage 7 dogs made it through to the shortlist; Benji, Blue, Boss, Cadbury, Dakota and Mason. Voting has been taking place across Wolfpack social media channels over the last 3 weeks, with over 1,200 votes cast. Mason led the way with 45% of the vote and as ‘Leader of the Pack’ will be the Wolfpack’s official canine ambassador for 2018.

The innovative ‘Leader of the Pack’ competition is delivered in partnership with Petcurean. The Canadian owned, family run, premium pet food company has the perfect alignment with the Wolfpack brand. Petcurean creates food for dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, and sizes and is known for its high quality food and commitment to sustainability.

Mason’s original entry, as submitted by his owner Jenna Robar, told us:

“Mason is a White Shepherd foster-fail that was rescued from Houston in September. He’s a survivor. He was a stray puppy with a host of issues that indicated that he wasn’t supposed to make it. Today, he’s thriving healthy and motivated. His energy is inspiring everyone around him. Mason is just now experiencing his first winter, and his first Canadian holiday season. He leads by example with positive energy and love. He should be the Leader of the Pack for being such a joyful puppy.”

Wolfpack Head of Marketing & Communications, Jon Pallett, said:

“This competition has really captured the interest of our supporters. We had hundreds of initial entries followed by an overwhelming number of votes cast. We now look forward to meeting Mason, and the rest of the pack, at our pre-season launch event in April.”

As ‘Leader of the Pack’ Mason receives a year’s supply of Petcurean food. All 7 members of ‘the pack’ will also receive runner-up prizes from both Petcurean and Toronto Wolfpack.

  • A spectacular Petcurean gift basket, featuring an antique-style wood suitcase, picnic blanket, thermos, silicon collapsible bowl and much more.
  • A pair of 2018 Toronto Wolfpack Season Tickets, along with a Wolfpack winter toque.
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