Toronto Wolfpack Announce UK Partnership with Thrifty Car and Van Rental

Toronto Wolfpack athletes spend a lot of time on the road during the season, creating a physical and mental strain on players and staff. The need to have reliable transport is vitally important and the Wolfpack are delighted to announce a new UK partnership with Thrifty Car & Van Rentals. Thrifty will be supplying the Wolfpack with cars and vans for use in Manchester, home of the Wolfpack’s UK training base.

The Wolfpack run a tightly regimented and strict schedule, which makes operating as an organized group such a critical component of their day-to-day lives. Omar Latif, Regional Retail and Performance Manager at Thrift Car Rentals commented:

“We are working to provide stability to athletes while they are traveling, helping to create less worry and stress for them. It is a fantastic agreement for both parties and it is going to be fantastic to work with the Wolfpack moving forwards.”

The rental deal gives the Pack freedom and stability in already busy schedules and helps to minimize stress. Martin Vickers, Toronto Wolfpack UK Business Development Manager, said:

“Settling down as quickly as you can, whether that is in Canada or the UK, is vital for any player that is joining the Wolfpack. Just one little feature like the vehicles (from Thrifty) will be fantastic for us.”

Providing players with cars and vans to assist with travel to and from practice and throughout the city cuts back travel time and affords players more time with friends and family.  Josh McCrone, Toronto Wolfpack Captain, shared:

“For me personally, having a young family, it is important to be able to have a comfortable, reliable car to get to doctors’ appointments and get to school. So it is great that Thrifty have come on board and are happy enough to look after me.”

About Thrifty Car Rentals

Thrifty Car Rentals cater to all needs, from a daily hire to flexible long-term rental solutions. Thrifty work to make the process of car and van rentals throughout the UK a simple and reliable process. By using their online website customers can browse their wide range of vehicles, including an extensive luxury collection. For more details on Thrifty Car Rentals visit

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