Toronto Wolfpack Welcome a new addition to the Pack

Toronto Wolfpack fans spent last night speculating after Wolfpack social media channels announced a new signing to be unveiled this morning. Assumptions were fed by the excitement and remarks captured from Wolfpack players in Toronto last week.

Wolfpack winger Liam Kay said “he is going to be massive for us, literally!”, Vice-Captain Ashton Sims commented “this is probably our biggest signing so far” and recent signing Matty Russell added “definitely going to be a fan favourite, he will be bouncing round the field.”

Now the Wolfpack are proud to announce their new family member, the Toronto Wolfpack Mascot. Players and staff are thrilled at this addition to the Pack and are excited to have the Mascot available ahead of Saturday’s Home Opener. Wolfpack Head of Marketing & Communications, Jon Pallett, said:

“We have been working on this project during our offseason. We wanted to deliver something that would excite fans while encouraging them get into the ‘Wolfpack spirit’ ahead of this Saturday’s Home Opener at Lamport Stadium.”

The mascot will not only be attending all home games but will be joining Wolfpack players at numerous events in the city throughout the summer months, joining Wolfpack junior and senior dance packs as a team ambassador. Pallett continued:

“We believe the world is a better place with more rugby balls in kids’ hands and our new mascot will help us to engage with young fans across Toronto.

“This is complemented by our discounted ticketing strategy for families, community engagement plan and an overall focus on our widely acclaimed game day experience.”

No mascot is fully official without a name, which is why Toronto Wolfpack will now turn to their loyal fans for assistance in selecting a name. The Pack will be asking supporters to keep all eyes on Wolfpack social media channels this week, where name suggestions will be taken. The Mascot name will be announced on Friday to complete a move from lone-wolf to member of the Pack!

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