Toronto Wolfpack Extend 50/50 Partnership with Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ontario

After establishing a successful partnership in 2017, Toronto Wolfpack are proud to announce a continued 50/50 raffle draw to support Variety-the Children’s Charity of Ontario for the new season. Variety will be selling 50/50 tickets at all Wolfpack games taking place at Lamport Stadium for the 2018 & 2019 seasons, starting the home opener against London Broncos.

The 50/50 raffle will raise valuable funds for Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ontario, as they continue their mission of assisting Toronto’s youth in overcoming challenges they may face in life and the work they put in to help them achieve their goals.  Toronto Wolfpack Community Manager, Paula Paez, said:

“Toronto Wolfpack understand the value of a strong community and how through sport and physical activity you can strengthen a bond within that community. This is why the relationship between the Wolfpack and Variety is the perfect match.

“In extending this partnership as well as raising vital funds, we hope to increase the profile and awareness of the extraordinary work being done by Variety in 2018 and beyond.”

On June 6th members of the Wolfpack celebrated the launch of the new partnership with a visit to the Variety’s Flagship facility, Variety Village, in Scarborough. Issa Ocampo, Communications and Fundraising Assistant commented:

“Variety were thrilled to have Andy Ackers, Rich Whiting, Adam Sidlow, Jake Emmitt and Reni Maitua from the Wolfpack visit! They toured the facility and learned more about accessibility and what Variety does before meeting some of the kids in the After School Program.

“The kids enjoyed hanging out with the players; listening to them talk about rugby and playing a quick game of soccer! Variety is excited to be working with the Wolfpack once again this season, and we’re looking forward to more visits from the Pack!”

Last season this partnership was a great success in helping the Pack to grow profile throughout numerous communities. After their visit the team are thrilled to see the effort put into raising funds for Variety-the Children’s Charity of Ontario and their continuing mission. Wolfpack Second Row Rich Whiting concluded:

“It is so important for us all to have a place we practice a sport feel comfortable while in that environment, what they are doing here at Variety-the Children’s Charity of Ontario does just that. It is absolutely fantastic! They have such an amazing space here for athletes of all abilities.”

About Variety-the Children’s Charity of Ontario

Variety-the Children’s Charity of Ontario has roots that run deep in the community, over 70 years ago they opened their doors to a facility which was well ahead of its time. Today they are known as the most family-friendly centre to help young people with disabilities and their families to overcome challenges they may face in life and work towards achieving their goals through inclusive programming and sport inclusion. Toronto Wolfpack and Variety share many values, one of which is to create a community where all are welcome to join, working to help positively transform lives through physical activity and sport.