Global Ambassadors – Team Kay

Global Ambassadors – Team Kay

As the second wave of Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassadors, Team Kay includes a diverse mix of local fans and supporters from abroad. The Netherlands, Jamaica, Pakistan, Scotland, Canada, England, USA and Australia are all represented in the XIII. Get to know our Ambassadors below.










14. Nicholas Mew

Nationality: Canadian

Located: Barrie, Canada

Twitter: NewToRLfamily

Instagram: N/A

Nicholas Mew may have first become aware of the Toronto Wolfpack when he read about the team in early 2017, but it wasn’t until he attended his first match in July that year that his passion for the team really began. As an Elementary School teacher, Nicholas has been teaching his class the basics of Rugby League and even had Ryan Brierley come to his classroom to help out. Next summer he plans to take his family over to the UK to catch a few Rugby League games. His favourite member of the Pack is Greg Worthington.


“This isn’t just a team, or a sport, it’s a family. The Rugby League Family. And I’m so glad we’ve been able to join that family.”


15. Steve Williams

Nationality: Australian


Philadelphia, USA

Twitter: usarlsteve

Instagram: N/A

Originally from Brisbane Australia, Steve Williams moved to Philadelphia in 1993. Steve has been involved with Rugby League in the USA since 1997 and has served as board member for the US Rugby League (USRL) and American National Rugby League (AMNRL). In 2010, Steve helped establish and currently serves as an Executive Board Member for the USA Rugby League (USARL). In 2014, he was elected and serves as board member on the U.S. Association of Rugby League. Steve’s favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims.


“Rugby League is a sport that once it gets a hold of you, it never let’s go! Choose your journey through the Toronto Wolfpack and everything they are doing to grow the game of Rugby League.”


16. Andrew MacLeod

Nationality: Dual citizen, UK & Canada

Located: Burlington, Canada

Twitter: maccer01

Instagram: maccer01


Andrew MacLeod first remembers watching Rugby League on TV in the UK in the late 70s. As a coach, he taught mainly Union, but he soon switched to League and one of his protégés even ended up as the Head Coach of Scotland. Now, Andrew and his daughte, are Wolfpack season ticket holders and he believes the team will be the driving force being the growth of Rugby across North America in the lead up to the 2025 World Cup. Andrew’s favourite member of the pack is Gareth O’Brien.


“Seeing the look of joy on my daughter’s face at her first ever Wolfpack game made me realise we had stumbled upon something great and I wanted to get involved in any way I could.”
17. Courtney Recollet

Nationality: Canadian

Located: Sydney, Australia

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: crecollet


Having been part of Toronto Wolfpack’s Operations team last season, Courtney is currently living in Sydney, Australia. Prior to her association with the team, she had no knowledge of how Rugby League worked and had never been to a game. Now, though, Courtney is following the Wolfpack from down under and was desperate to get involved in the Global Ambassadors scheme once it was initially announced. Her favourite member of the Pack is Ryan Brierley.


“I think it’s a great opportunity to still be involved with the Wolfpack community while I’m working and living in Australia.”


18. Romeo Monteith

Nationality: Jamaican

Located: Kingston, Jamaica

Twitter: Jamrugbyleague

Instagram: rugbyleaguejamaica


Over a 14-year period, Romeo Monteith has worked his way up to his current role of Director of Rugby at Jamaica Rugby League.. He was the first member of the Board of Directors and the first Head Coach of one of the country’s founding four teams, the Duhaney Park Red Sharks. He is also the Head Coach of the national team and Development Manager for the Rugby League European Federation in the Caribbean. Romeo’s favourite member of the Pack is Liam Kay.


“Rugby League has unlimited potential in the Americas, the Wolfpack has the ability to be the catalyst for growth and expansion of an America’s brand of RL. I hope that’s the direction the club goes.”


19. Matthew Wright

Nationality: British

Located: Leeds, UK

Twitter: rleagueatg

Instagram: rlatg_pom


Born and raised in Leeds, a city famous for its Rugby heritage, Matthew’s first exposure to Rugby League was as a player for junior team, the Milford Marlins. After he stopped playing, he decided to set up a publication dedicated to Rugby League, which he called ‘Rugby League Around The Grounds’. The publication reaches over 100,000 people and is growing rapidly. Matthew’s favourite member of the Pack is Quinn Ngawati.


“I’m really excited to part of a huge expansion team, I hope it paves the way for more teams and overall helps the growth of the game in other countries, using Toronto as a role model.”
20. Usman Ahmed

Nationality: Pakistani

Located: Karachi, Pakistan

Twitter: Usman_NSR

Instagram: usnan_ahmed_nsr


Despite first getting hooked on Rugby Union, Usman quickly switched his allegiance to Rugby League as he preferred the fast-paced, all-action style of the code. Although he lives in Pakistan and has never been to Canada, Usman is a passionate supporter of all Toronto teams, including the Wolfpack. He has family in Mississauga and plans on one day moving to Toronto. Usman’s favourite member of the Pack is Ryan Brierley.


“Being a fan of Toronto sports and Rugby League, it was like a dream come true to have a Rugby League tea, in Toronto. And now to be named a Global Ambassador of this team, it’s something I couldn’t have even imagined in my wildest dreams.”


21. Luke Srama

Nationality: Australian

Located: Brisbane, Australia

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: sramarugbyleaguerecruitment


Luke and his family have Rugby League in their blood. His father played representative level in QLD, his older brother, Paul, played and coached at QLD Cup level and played in the UK with Barrow and his younger brother played NRL for the Gold Coast Titans. Now, Luke is the National Captain of the Philippines Tamaraws Rugby League team. He is passionate about growing Rugby League in emerging nations. Luke’s favourite member of the Pack is Matty Russell.


“I love everything Toronto Wolfpack are doing for our great game and I am delighted to be a Global Ambassador as what I’m trying to do for the game globally and be a part of the Wolfpack.”
22. Adam Perry

Nationality: British

Located: London, UK

Twitter: Peza100

Instagram: Peza100


As a lifelong fan of Rugby League, Adam Perry has taken a keen interest in the Toronto Wolfpack ever since the team’s inaugural game at London Skolars and he regularly travels north to watch the Wolfpack play against other opponents in the UK. His role as Director of the global Free West Papua sees him manage sports funding initiatives in the Pacific and, in particular, Rugby League in Papua New Guinea, where it is the national sport. Adam’s favourite member of the Pack is Olsi Krasniqi.


“I am so thrilled to be named as a Wolfpack Ambassador. A transatlantic sports team is unprecedented and to have one in the sport I love and in a City I have spent many happy times in, was a game changer, not only for me, but for Rugby League globally.”
23. Matt Haines

Nationality: Australian

Located: Coff Harbour, Aus

Twitter: Matthainessport

Instagram: Matthainessport


Matt has been a self-proclaimed Rugby League fanatic dating back over 15 years. His passion started on the pitch and has carried over into his career. As a sport industry professional Matt has worked with several NRL teams and has been fortunate to travel the globe to watch the game he loves. Matt’s favourite member of the Pack is Josh McCrone. “I feel a sense of pride any time I see Toronto Wolfpack clothing in Australia, because it means that the game is growing”


24. Shaun Baxter

Nationality: British

Located: Essex, UK

Twitter: baxtershaun

Instagram: baxtershaun


Shaun Baxter began his love affair with Rugby League in 1997 as a student in Hull, UK. That year he started playing for his college team and he’s been hooked ever since. Shaun admits that when he first heard about the Wolfpack concept, he was more than a little skeptical. He’s delighted, though, that the team has proved him wrong and gone from strength to strength. Shaun’s favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims.


“It’s an honour to represent the Wolfpack along their road to glory.”
25. David Atkinson

Nationality: British

Located: Hague, Netherlands

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: akigoose

David Atkinson’s first memories of Rugby League are from when it was a winter sport and games were played in the rain on muddy fields. As a young boy, his parents would often take him to Wigan games, where the ticket collector would let him jump over the turnstile and watch for free. Although David thought Rugby League was losing its spark over the last few years, he believes the Wolfpack have breathed new life into the sport. David’s favourite member of the Pack is Matty Russell.


“Rugby League is the greatest secret in sport, and the Wolfpack might just be the ambitious outfit that finally turns the game in to a major force.”
26. Keith Williams

Nationality: Irish

Located: Glasgow, Scotland

Twitter: kauldm29

Instagram: kmnrn29


Keith is guilty of being a lifelong Rugby Union player and still coaches his local club at under-18s level.  He was first exposed to Rugby League at a live game on a holiday in Sydney where he had the experience of seeing the Rabbitohs play. He really enjoyed such a fast and exciting game with some real similarities and some big differences to the version he was brought up with. While in Toronto, Keith caught a Wolfpack game and was blown away by the atmosphere. Keith’s favourite member of the Pack is Matty Russell.


“It would be amazing to be associated with such a forward looking club, and it gives me a good excuse to get to more games, plus get back to Toronto more regularly too!”



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