Wolfpack Vacation Watch

With 2019 preseason training underway, Wolfpack players return from full vacation mode refreshed and ready to rebound after a tough end to the 2018 season. Players were busy during their time away from the club with many travelling to exotic places to soak up the sun, or even tying the knot!

Now time to bust out the globes, as we start our journey in Venice, Italy with the Stanley family.

Chase Stanley has been living it up, travelling throughout the Mediterranean with his family. The first stop on their tour saw them taking in the sights and sands of Ibiza. From there they were off to Venice, Italy taking “The standard family pic in a gondola”.

Cuteness Level: Litter of puppies cute

Andrew Dixon, Part-time Explorer

Yosemite, designated a World Heritage site in 1894, is where we find our vaunted second rower Andrew Dixon spending his time this offseason. Andrew has taken a no days off approach to his offseason training, mixing in some cardio while hiking through the mist trail. The view from Glacier Point is breathtaking, but Andrew is the real star in this one.

Adventure Level: Bear Grylls

Wedding SZN

There were two players on the Pack who got hitched this offseason, Olsi Kransniqi and Jack Buchanan. Both forwards tied the knot in exotic Mediterranean locations. Olsi did the deed in his native Albania, while Jack chose the picturesque island of Santorini. Congratulations to both! Best of luck to the newlyweds on and off the pitch.

Relationship Status: Facebook Official

Suns out, Guns Out

Mason Caton-Brown, with electric speed on the pitch decided to slow it down this offseason and work on his R&R. The Mediterranean seems to be the destination of choice for Wolfpack players this offseason and Mason is no exception, spending time in the coastal city of Bodrum, Turkey.

Relaxation Level: Offseasoning

How you Dune?


Matty Russell travelled with his mates to Dubai this past week. Not one to miss out on a photo-op, Matty posed in front of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. Fun fact the Burj Khalifa is as tall as 473 Matty Russell’s stacked on top of each other.

Skyscraper Size: Yuuuuge


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