Apply to Become a Global Ambassador

Toronto Wolfpack are further using their status as the world’s first transatlantic professional sports team to grow the game of Rugby thanks to an innovative Global Ambassadors Programme. Ambassadors from all corners of the globe are being empowered to raise the profile of the Wolfpack, and the wider sport of Rugby, in their homelands.  Toronto Wolfpack Head of Marketing and Communications, Jon Pallett, commented:

“The Wolfpack’s core goals are driven by the view that the world is a better place with more rugby balls in kids’ hands. A key goal for us in 2018 is to connect with advocates of this vision around the globe.

“The Wolfpack have passionate supporters across the world and are unashamed of our ambition to build a truly global sporting brand. The Global Ambassador programme gives us ‘feet on the ground’ to compliment our key partners and broadcasters in raising our profile and expanding our fanbase.”

Which Global Ambassadors are already in place?

The Wolfpack have already started to put teams of 13 Global Ambassadors in place. Teams are named after current players with more to follow through the season. Information on completed teams, and their ambassadors, can be found using the drop downs on the Toronto Wolfpack website.

How do I become a Global Ambassador?

Applications remain open with successful applicants filling the next available team. Applicants should email with a short bio including their passion for Rugby and the Wolfpack, as well as information about social media profiles alongside some fun photos and video.

A small number of Wolfpack players are building their own teams through personal networks and Twitter. Those successfully chosen for these teams will receive an email from with details of how to accept their place on that team.

Where are Global Ambassador from?

Applications are of course encouraged from anywhere in the world, with the Wolfpack keen to find ambassadors in all corners of the globe.

A small number of ambassadors are being chosen and placed into teams from the Toronto area as well as from the UK. This is so each team has one or two members who are able to connect with the Wolfpack in person, and in doing so enhancing the ambassador experience for their teammates. We must stress that it is only a small number of ambassadors are being chosen from these areas, based on their commitment and ability to spread the word about the Wolfpack far and wide.

What do Global Ambassadors receive?

– Advice and guidance to grow the game of Rugby.

– A devoted Toronto Wolfpack point of contact.

– The opportunity to take part in competitions between other Global Ambassador teams.

– An official Global Ambassador certificate.

– A Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassador hat.

– Potential to feature as a case study across Toronto Wolfpack channels

Where can I direct further questions to?

Please email and one of the team will come back to you.

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