About the Team

About the Team


The Toronto Wolfpack

The Toronto Wolfpack is a professional Rugby League team dedicated to progressing through the RFL’s ranks, from League 1 to the Super League. We are Canada’s first professional Rugby team, and the world’s first transatlantic major professional sports team. We’re the newest club in the English Rugby Football League (RFL), beginning  journey to glory in the Kingstone Press League 1 competition.  Our home matches will be held at Lamport Stadium aka “The Den”.


The RFL was founded in 1895 in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The professional game is split into 3 divisions – the First Utility Super League, the Championship and League 1 – with promotion relegation between them. It remains the standard for Rugby League in the northern hemisphere and the Super League second most watched and followed professional sports league in the UK.


Competition Structure

The Toronto Wolfpack will enter League 1 in March 2017 as the first transatlantic team in any major sporting competition throughout the world. The Wolfpack will be the 16th team in the Kingston Press League 1, the third tier of the RFL. League 1 has teams in England, Wales, and France. The League 1 season consists of 23 regular season matches.  At the end of the season the top 5 clubs advance to the playoffs. At the conclusion of the playoffs 2 clubs are promoted to the Championship, which is the 2nd tier of the RFL.


How the Game is Played

A Rugby League match is played between two teams of 13 players and lasts 80 minutes, with one 15-minute halftime break between halves. Both teams are allowed four extra players as replacements.

A ‘try’ involves touching the ball to the ground on or beyond the defending team’s goal-line, and is worth four points. A ‘goal’ may be gained from a kicked conversion after a try or a penalty and is worth two points. A field goal, or drop goal, is gained by dropping and then kicking the ball on the half volley between the uprights in open play and is worth one point. An attacking team gets a maximum of six tackles to progress up the field before possession is changed over. Tackles above the chest and shoulder charges are not allowed.