Global Ambassadors

Toronto Wolfpack will further use their status as the world’s first transatlantic professional sports team to grow the game of rugby thanks to an innovative new Global Ambassador Programme. Ambassadors from all corners of the globe will be empowered to raise the profile of the Wolfpack, and the wider sport of rugby, in their homelands.

Toronto Wolfpack Head of Marketing and Communications, Jon Pallett, commented:

“The Wolfpack’s core goals are driven by the view that the world is a better place with more rugby balls in kids’ hands. A key goal for us in 2018 is to connect with advocates of this vision around the globe.”

“The Wolfpack have passionate supporters across the world and are unashamed of our ambition to build a truly global sporting brand. This new Global Ambassador programme will also help us to raise our profile and expand our fanbase.”

Toronto Wolfpack’s broadcast partnerships put live games into over 100 million households across the world while current sponsorships drive trade and tourism in and out of Canada. Global Ambassadors will add a “feet on the ground” element to raising awareness of the sport. Pallett continued:

“Wolfpack coaches, players and staff are looking forward to welcoming applications for this programme. We eagerly await the chance to appoint and work with a wide range of ambassadors from across the world.”

Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassadors will receive:

  • Advice and guidance to grow the game of Rugby.
  • A devoted Toronto Wolfpack point of contact.
  • An official Global Ambassador certificate.
  • A merchandise package, including a Toronto Wolfpack hat.
  • Potential to feature as a case study across Toronto Wolfpack channels

To apply to become a Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassador candidates are asked to email with a description of why they feel they would make a great Global Ambassador. Applications are intended to be fun and photos and videos are welcome.

Applications are of course encouraged from anywhere in the world!

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