Team Maitua

Global Ambassadors – Team Maitua

Toronto Wolfpack’s portfolio of Global Ambassadors gets even larger today with the announcement of Team Maitua. Team Maitua is made up of individuals from New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Canada, the UK, Norway, and Ukraine. Get to know your new Global Ambassadors below…










53. Michael Wilson

Nationality: British

Located: Auckland, New Zealand

Twitter: MrSweetcheeks

Instagram: mrsweetcheeksnz


Having grown up in the Rugby hotbed of St Helens in the UK, it’s no surprise Michael Wilson was hooked on the game from a very young age. He has since travelled the world to watch the sport before settling in his current home, Auckland. He has looked on from afar and been truly excited about Toronto Wolfpack’s project and he’s now ecstatic to be part of the Global Ambassadors Programme. Michael’s favourite member of the Pack is Josh McCrone.


“To be part of the Wolfpack family and to help educate people here in New Zealand, Australia and the UK around the great work the team are doing in marking the great game global means a lot.”
54. Bertrand Ducos

Nationality: French

Located: Sydney, Australia

Twitter: BertrandDucos

Instagram: bertrandd88


Originally from France, Bertrand Ducos began playing the game of Rugby at the age of 5. He later became a coach and then took on the role of Development Agent for the French Federation. Bertrand believes that by having a professional Rugby League team in Toronto, more and more Canadians will take up the sport. Bertrand’s favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims.


“Being an Ambassador for Wolfpack is to promote our sport, to show that it has no boundaries and to inspire other clubs to grow in other countries where there is little practice.”



55. Carlos Varela

Nationality: Argentine

Located: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Carlos Varela was a Rugby Union player for around 15 years but has since switched to League, which he sees as more dynamic. He is currently part of the Argentina Rugby League setup and believes the standard is very high, with a large number of the country’s youth being interested in the sport. In total, the organization has around 200 players and is expanding. Carlos’ favourite member of the Pack is Gareth O’Brien.


“With regard to the Rugby League in Argentina, I can say that the experience is very good, our youth adapts very well to the Rugby League and likes it, but it is not well known and we must do a lot of promotion to attract more players.”
56. Annie Massey

Nationality: British

Located: Toronto, Canada

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Born in Cheshire in the UK, Annie Massey moved to Toronto in her 20s for some fun and adventure. She grew up on the touchlines of Rugby and Football pitches as she watched her father play for British Army teams. Annie re-discovered her passion for Rugby when watching the 7s at the Pan Am Games in 2016. Now, she’s an avid Wolfpack fan. Her favourite member of the Pack is Jake Emmitt.


“We love the game, the team, the stadium, and being fans of the coolest team in Toronto.”
57. Nick O’Connor

Nationality: British

Located: Halifax, UK

Twitter: nickjoconnor

Instagram: N/A


A huge Halifax RLFC fan, Nick O’Connor also has a very close connection to Toronto Wolfpack. His brother, Chris, is part of the team’s Performance Analysis department. Nick himself has played Rugby at a high standard and, as a fan, has attended Grand Finals and Wembley Finals. His favourite members of the Pack are Nick Rawsthorne and Chase Stanley.


“It would be a great honour to follow little brother into the Pack – we stick together just like the Pack”
58. Richard Larsen

Nationality: Norwegian

Located: Andøya, Norway

Twitter: Turbokanin

Instagram: N/A


By his own admission, Richard Larsen is ‘diving in at the deep end’ by becoming a Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassador. The 23-year-old hasn’t been a huge Rugby League fan throughout his life, but he’s determined to change that now. He plans on visiting Toronto in 2019 and attending a Wolfpack game, and by that time he wants to be fully versed in the sport. His favourite member of the Pack is Liam Kay.


“This is my attempt at getting to know the Rugby League, diving into the pool at the deep end.”
59. Raheem Bashir

Nationality: Canadian

Located: Scarborough, Canada

Twitter: bashirra

Instagram: raheembashir1993


From Scarborough, Ontario, Raheem Bashir first heard of Toronto Wolfpack when the team was announced at a press conference a few short years ago. Since then the game of Rugby has grown on him and he thoroughly enjoys watching the Wolfpack whenever he can. He also takes the time to blog about his experiences. Raheem’s favourite member of the Pack is Ryan Brierley. “It really means a lot to be named a Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassador.”
60. Eduard Sheviakov

Nationality: Ukrainian

Located: Dnipro, Ukraine

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Eduard Sheviakov’s love for Rugby began when he first attended a Toronto Wolfpack game. He was visiting his daughter, who works for the team, and he says it was one of the highlights of his trip to Canada. He was particularly impressed with the strength and brutality of the sport. Eduard is excited to grow the game of Rugby in Ukraine as a Global Ambassador. His favourite member of the Pack is Cory Paterson. “I’m thrilled to be a part of the Toronto Wolfpack and represent it in my home country.”
61. Blake Stewart

Nationality: Australian

Located: Sydney, Australia

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: steww


Blake Stewart started playing Rugby aged just 4 in Sydney, Australia. In his adult life, he has lived in Whistler, Canada and during that time he helped coach some of his local Rugby clubs. Blake has also played in the RFL’s fourth tier with the London Chargers. He is now hoping to start his own Rugby team in Squamish, British Columbia. His favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims. “It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to talk about the Wolfpack and Rugby League as an Ambassador.”
62. Mitchell Van Tongeren

Nationality: Australian

Located: Gold Coast, Australia

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Although originally born in Michigan, USA, Mitchell Van Tongeren has lived in Australia for 28 of the last 30 years. Rugby isn’t just his passion, it’s also his profession. Mitchell runs a sports management company called SQUAD Sports Management, which concentrates on Junior Elite Pathways. His favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims. “This is a role I take very seriously with incredible pride and passion. I will go above and beyond to help the Wolfpack family.”
63. John Cooper

Nationality: British

Located: Wigan, UK

Twitter: KawasakiCoops

Instagram: N/A


John Cooper was first introduced to Rugby in the late 60s when he was taken to a Boxing Day fixture between Wigan and St Helens as a young boy. He instantly fell in love with the game. He has a sister who settled in Toronto and was delighted when the city got its own team when Wolfpack were founded just a couple of years ago. His favourite member of the Pack is Ryan Brierley.


“To be chosen to be a Global Ambassador is fantastic. In all honesty, someone is going to have to pinch me, day after day.”
64. Amy, Jackson & Michaela McIntosh

Nationality: Canadian

Located: Vaughan, Canada

Twitter: ARMartosh

Instagram: amartellacci


Amy McIntosh first started watching Rugby League in 2004 while living in Australia. She currently lives in Vaughan, Ontario and is a huge Wolfpack fan. Her and her children, Jackson and Michaela, regularly attend games and have a close friendship with Reni Maitua, the Wolfpack’s Rugby Operations Manager. Their favourite member of the Pack is, of course, Reni. “We think it is important to share how incredibly family friendly Toronto Wolfpack games are and that we are huge fans of the game and the class that Rugby League players bring to our city!”
65. Jo-Anne Strong

Nationality: Canadian

Located: St Catherines, Canada

Twitter: jojostrong01

Instagram: N/A


Jo-Anne Strong was first introduced to Rugby 15 years ago but it wasn’t until last year that she discovered Toronto Wolfpack. She has watched or attended every single game ever since. Jo-Anne particularly enjoys the fan experience at Lamport Stadium. Her favourite members of the Pack are Gareth O’Brien, Bob Beswick and Jefferson.


“There’s nothing like the Toronto Wolfpack at any event I’ve been to.”


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