Team McCrone

Global Ambassadors – Team McCrone

As Toronto Wolfpack’s first ever Global Ambassadors, the First XIII have been assigned to Wolfpack Captain Josh McCrone. Team McCrone are part of the programme’s fabric and have been allocated heritage numbers to reflect the order in which they applied to the scheme. Get to know our Ambassadors below.










1.Sandy Shipley

Nationality: Canadian


Leeds UK

Twitter: doming01

Instagram: sandydshipley

Sandy Shipley will be the first to admit she isn’t fully versed in every Rugby League rule out there, but there’s no doubting her passion for the sport and the Toronto Wolfpack. A Torontonian living in the UK, Sandy has managed to get to a number of Wolfpack games across the pond. She particularly enjoys the fast-paced, all-action nature of Rugby League. Sandy’s favourite members of the Pack are Ashton Sims and Richard Whiting.


“As a Torontonian living in the UK it is such an honour to have been picked as one of the first Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassadors. To be part of a team that is creating so many firsts in the world of Rugby League is such an amazing feeling, especially because they are from my home city.”
2. Lindsay Wilson

Nationality: Canadian


Whitby Canada

Twitter: LindsayJ_Wilson

Instagram: linds.j.w

Lindsay Wilson sits in Lamport Stadium’s noisy section 35 on game days. She goes out of her way to reach out to fans of opposing teams ahead of games to ensure they have as much information they need to make their trip to Toronto spectacular. As a regular traveller to the US and around Canada for business, Lindsay finds herself sharing stories about the Wolfpack wherever she goes – in cabs, business meetings, anywhere! Lindsay’s favourite member of the Pack is Ryan Brierley.


“I am so excited and honoured to have been selected as a Global Ambassador for the Toronto Wolfpack! I am looking forward to helping others find their passion for the Wolfpack and Rugby League, as I have, in order to help grow this amazing fan base and expand the reaches of this great game.”
3. Steve Mortimer

Nationality: Australian


Sydney Australia

Twitter: doggies09

Instagram: stevedoggies

Steve Mortimer lives and breathes Rugby League. He has strong ties to the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in Belmore, a suburb of Sydney. Steve is determined to build the Toronto Wolfpack’s brand in Australia and does his best to keep up to date with how the Pack are doing throughout the season. He particularly enjoys checking in on how our Aussie players are performing.  Steve’s favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims.


“I will actively promote your team and players, particularly our local boys. I’m super excited to help in any way possible.”
4. Jason Doyle

Nationality: Australian

Located: Queensland Australia

Twitter: Jason_Doyle1

Instagram: jason_doyle1


Having followed the team since its inception, Jason Doyle is a passionate Toronto Wolfpack fan but sport isn’t just a hobby or past-time for him – it’s a profession. His love for the game led Jason to pursue a career in sport and he is now a lecturer in Sports Management in the Rugby League-mad area of Queensland, Australia. Jason is also the co-founder of new sport app Athlete CRUSH. His favourite member of the Pack is Josh McCrone.


“I am passionate about becoming a Global Ambassador to help fuel the growing support behind the Toronto Wolfpack in Australia and across the world.”
5. Hayden Burford

Nationality: New Zealand

Located: Auckland, New Zealand

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: hayden__burford

Despite growing up in New Zealand, where the All Blacks are king, Hayden Burford has always leaned more towards Rugby League over Rugby Union. He has spent time working with the Vodafone Warriors in the NRL, as well as an internship at NZRL. In his spare time, Hayden helps his local town in setting up junior and senior Rugby League teams, to ensure his community is exposed to the sport as much as possible. His favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims.


“Being a Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassador will be a great opportunity to not only grow the brand in New Zealand but also further develop the great game of Rugby League in the country. I’m sure there will be plenty of Kiwis excited to be part of the Wolfpack!”
6. Sam Blyton-Keep

Nationality: British

Located: Mosta, Malta

Twitter: MaltaRL

Instagram: maltarugbyleaguemrl


As the Head Coach of the Malta Rugby League national team, Sam Blyton-Keep has plenty of experience in the game. He started playing Rugby League aged just seven for Hindley ARLFC, a local team just outside of his hometown, Wigan in the UK. Sam has participated in Rugby coaching courses across Europe. He has a four-year-old child named Blake and his favourite member of the Pack is Matty Russell.


“Toronto Wolfpack are a credit to themselves and Rugby League. What they have been able to achieve in such a small space of time truly is a fairy-tale story. To be able to have the opportunity to be a small part of this has to be considered as a most extraordinary feeling.”
7. Hugo Froes

Nationality: Brazilian

Located: São Lourenço, Brazil

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: brasilrugbyleague

Froes has been a champion of the team’s Global Ambassadors scheme from the very beginning. As Chief Operating Officer at Brazilian Rugby League Confederation, Hugo is keen to grow the game of Rugby League in Brazil and grow the Wolfpack’s brand across South America. Along with his important duties as COO, the 27-year-old also acts as the Brazilian Rugby League Confederation’s Software Engineer. His favourite member of the Pack is Liam Kay.


“I am delighted to become a Global Ambassador for the Toronto Wolfpack because it is an incredible project. It’s bold and shows its value through work and results.”


8. Maik Gehrmann

Nationality: German

Located: Warmia-Mazury, Poland

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: maikgehrmann14

Originally from Germany but now living in Poland, Maik Gehrmann is determined to increase interest in Rugby League in both countries. Maik has a Diploma in Sports Management, is a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and is currently waiting on the results of his Rugby League European Federation Level 1 Coaching Course. His ultimate goal is to become a professional Rugby League coach. His favourite members of the Pack are Liam Kay and Ashton Sims.


“To be a Global Ambassador is great because it means I can help to introduce the Wolfpack in my countries and help make Rugby League more popular. It´s also awesome to be a part of the first transatlantic professional sports team in history.”


9. Matteo Portoghese

Nationality: Italian

Located: Cagliari, Italy

Twitter: MatthewWoody

Instagram: matthewportoghese

As Social Media Officer for Federazione Italiana Rugby League (FIRL), Matteo Portoghese is fully versed in the sport. He was originally a Rugby Union fan but quickly switched to League after his first taste of the code. Matteo covered FIRL’s passage to the 2017 World Cup in Lombardy and then joined them in Australia to cover their matches against Ireland, USA and Fiji. Matteo’s favourite member of the Pack is Ryan Brierley.


“I am very proud to be a Toronto Wolfpack Ambassador. I’m all for expanding the game and their story is worth a Hollywood movie.”


10. Tudor Reus

Nationality: Romanian

Located: Copenhagen, Denmark

Twitter: CopenhagenRlfc

Instagram: copenhagen_rlfc

Despite starting his Rugby career in Union, upon moving to Denmark, Tudor Reus quickly realized that League was more his style. He is currently part of Copenhagen RLFC, the first Rugby League team in Denmark, which hopes to turn professional in the coming years. Tudor is a huge admirer of the Toronto Wolfpack and hopes the team can reach Super League as soon as possible. His favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims.


“Toronto Wolfpack are a pioneer in this segment and what you managed to achieve is absolutely amazing. As for the Global Ambassador program, it’s a privilege for me to be part of something this big.”
11. Arnaldo Telo

Nationality: Albanian

Located: Tirana, Albania

Twitter: AlbaniaRL

Instagram: albania_rugby_league

Currently playing for the first and only Rugby League team in Albania, KR Tirana, Arnaldo Telo has only been involved in the sport for around a year. Arnaldo took a particular interest in the Toronto Wolfpack due to Olsi Krasniqi’s presence on the team. Krasniqi was born in Tirana, Albania – the same city Arnaldo is based out of. It’s no surprise that his favourite member of the Pack is Krasniqi.


“I joined the program due to its inviting nature and spectrum of possibilities that are offered. It’s a joyful role to be an ambassador for a great organization and help develop the great game of Rugby League in my own country.”
12. Paul Buchanan

Nationality: Australian & Canadian Citizen

Located: Caledonia, Canada

Twitter: Compufit

Instagram: paulbuchanan8

Paul Buchanan has been immersed in the world of Rugby League for over 50 years. From playing the game in his back yard with his five siblings as a child, through high school, to Sydney University, the Canada Cougars and as a Team Manager/Assistant Coach for Ontario Rugby League, Canada Rugby League and the Canada Wolverines, it’s safe to say he’s already played a major part in the growth of the game, especially in Canada. Paul’s favourite member of the Pack is Bob Beswick.


“Thank you for the opportunity to be a Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassador. I am excited and proud to help more kids get a footy in their hands and to develop ‘The Greatest Game of All’.”
13. Andrew Cubitt

Nationality: British

Located: West London, UK

Twitter: Windsor_Wolf

Instagram: N/A

Born and raised just a mile away from Twickenham Stadium, there’s no surprise Andrew Cubitt developed an interest in Rugby from an early age. However, in recent years, his interest has switched to Rugby League. Initially, he supported the London Broncos but, when they moved away from Twickenham to North London, he started supporting the Wolfpack. Andrew’s favourite member of the Pack is Liam Kay.


“The amazing concept of a transatlantic team was bold. I’m now bowled over by them and their bold style of play. I have boldly gone to Lamport and beyond! Super League beckons for the Wolfpack!”
105. Claire Bellis

Nationality: Australian

Instagram: Singapore

Twitter: b3arclaire

Twitter: N/A

Claire Bellis, an Australian currently living in Singapore, has been a Canterbury Bulldogs supporter since she was a young girl. Despite not living in Australia for over 10 years, she has maintained her club membership. Recently she has taken a keen interest in the Wolfpack and is pleased to be named a Global Ambassador. Her favourite member of the Pack is Josh McCrone.


“It is such an honour to be able to represent the Wolfpack in Singapore. I will do my best to spread the word and let people here know the wonderful things happening in Toronto.”
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