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Global Ambassadors – Team Paterson

Toronto Wolfpack’s third wave of Global Ambassadors, Team Paterson, has representatives located all over the world, including Portugal, Italy, France, Japan, Spain, Canada, the UK, USA and Cory Paterson’s home nation, Australia. Get to know your Global Ambassadors below.

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27. Matt Rigby

Nationality: British

Located: Lisbon, Portugal

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: mattrigby_officialrl


Aged just 5, Matt Rigby was already Rugby League crazy. More recently, he has played domestic Rugby League in the Netherlands with the Den Haag Knights, flying to Holland from the UK on Friday evenings and returning home on Sundays. Matt is now relocating to Lisbon, Portugal and is delighted to be part of Rugby League in North America as a Wolfpack Global Ambassador. His favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims.


“Helping to grow and develop Rugby League with a North American team is a dream come true for me.”
28. Tina Dykes

Nationality: American

Located: Nebraska, USA

Twitter: summer134

Instagram: summer134


Having grown up in the USA, Tina Dykes wasn’t properly introduced to the game of Rugby League until recently – by Toronto Wolfpack. She loves most sports but after watching the Pack play, she was hooked on the game immediately. Tina loves the passion of the players and their relationship with the fans. In her own words she’s ‘addicted’ to the Wolfpack. Tina’s favourite members of the Pack are Ashton Sims and Gareth O’Brien. “What a wonderful opportunity to be a Global Ambassador for the Toronto Wolfpack. I look forward to promoting the team, introducing people to a great sport, and becoming part of something special.”
29. Saluzzo North West Roosters

Nationality: Italian

Located: Saluzzo, Italy

Twitter: saluzzo_nwr

Instagram: N/A


Our first group entrant to be named as part of Toronto Wolfpack’s Global Ambassadors Programme, Saluzzo North West Roosters are big fans of the Wolfpack due to the similarities between the two teams. Although they are located in northern Italy, Saluzzo NWR are actually part of the French Rugby pyramid and are attempting to grow the game in their area – just like the Wolfpack. Collectively, Saluzzo NWR have selected Ashton Sims as their favourite member of the Pack.


“We are happy to be ambassadors of Toronto Wolfpack because their story is very important for us and we want to support it and imitate it.”
30. Jamie Scott

Nationality: New Zealand

Located: Tokyo, Japan

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: koenjikiwi


A New Zealander based in Tokyo for almost two decades, Jamie Scott initially got into Rugby League through watching old video tapes of NSWRL. He fell in love with the game and has been an avid Rugby League fan ever since.  Now, he follows the Toronto Wolfpack and has been impressed with their rise through the RFL ranks so far. Jamie’s favorite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims. “My hopes for the Wolfpack in the future are of course to make the Super League and to grow the game in North America. It would also be great to have more home grown players so Rugby League can truly become an international game.”
31. Tom Mace

Nationality: Australian

Located: Sydney, Australia

Twitter: aussiebeastmode

Instagram: thenewveteran


Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Tom Mace also spent time in the UK before settling in Sydney. He has huge passion for the sport of Rugby League and his job as a Service Director at a major airline has allowed him to attend Super League, State of Origin and NRL games. He regularly makes time to watch Toronto Wolfpack games and wants to see the brand grow globally. Tom’s favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims. “I’m looking forward to this opportunity with Toronto Wolfpack. To be a part of one of the most progressive team movements in Rugby League is special and one where sky’s the limit.”
32. Rabie Al Masri

Nationality: Palestinian

Located: Toulouse, France

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Born in Lebanon to a Palestinian father and an Egyptian mother, Rabie Al Masri currently lives in Toulouse, France. His path into Rugby League is an interesting one. He took up Thai kickboxing at university but was soon asked to go and train with the Rugby team. He felt right at home with a Rugby ball in his hands and hasn’t looked back since. He is the President of Palestine Rugby Association and is committed to growing the game among Palestine’s youth. His favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims.


“A Global Ambassador is to share the values of the Wolfpack with my young Palestinian players.“


33. Brenden Waters

Nationality: Australian

Located: Sydney, Australia

Twitter: Brenden_Waters

Instagram: N/A


Brenden Waters has been a Rugby League fan for as long as he can remember. He achieved a lifelong ambition earlier this year when he was hired by St George Illawarra Dragons as an Events Executive. Brenden’s interest in the Wolfpack stems from the amount of ex-NRL players that are part of the squad. His favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims. “It’s a great honour to be a Global Ambassador for the Wolfpack. The more we can grow the game the better for everyone involved – fans, players and staff.”


34. Luke Corrin

Nationality: Australian

Located: Melbourne, Aus

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: phresh.graphix


A first generation Australian, Luke grew up in a passionate Rugby League household, with his dad playing at all levels, including for the England National Team. Luke himself played for 12 years at various levels and developed an even deeper love for the game. He is now the sole proprietor of Phresh Graphix, a graphic design company that specializes in sports. Luke’s favourite player is Jack Buchanan. “It not over when you lose, It’s over when you quit. I believe this is a true reflection of the Wolfpack and the mind set I live by day to day! I feel very privileged to be able to work alongside other members of the pack!”


35. Nev Taylor

Nationality: British

Located: Wakefield, UK

Twitter: ntptYorkshire

Instagram: ntptYorkshire


Aged just 5, Nev Taylor attended his very first Rugby League game – a Keighley Cougars match – and fell in love with the sport. It wasn’t until the visit of the Toronto Wolfpack to Cougar Park that he even considered having a ‘second team’. But the Wolfpack’s 48-21 victory was all that was needed to convince him. Nev’s favourite members of the Pack are Chase Stanley, Darcy Lussick and Ashton Sims. “To be named a Global Ambassador for the Wolfpack is a dream come true for a fan like me. I have so much passion for the sport.”
36. Alan Taylor

Nationality: British/Canadian

Located: Ottawa, Canada

Twitter: alantaylor_rl




When Alan Taylor, a lifelong Wigan fan, first heard about the Toronto Wolfpack project he was astounded. He was a little skeptical at first but, having made the trip from Ottawa to Toronto, he is now fully bought-in. He can’t wait to see the day that the Wolfpack come up against his beloved Wigan in Super League. Alan’s favourite member of the Pack is Adam Sidlow. “Joining the club as a Global Ambassador in Canada’s Capital Ottawa is awesome. This sport needs to get beyond the GTA and grow.”
37. Simon Mason

Nationality: Irish

Located: Liverpool, UK

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


A former professional Rugby Union player at the highest level, Simon Mason won the 1999 European Champions Cup, and was named European player of the season, with Ulster and is an ex-Ireland international. Simon now coaches Rugby at a high school in the suburbs of Liverpool in the UK. He regularly brings his teams to Canada for tours and will be visiting Toronto, London Ontario and Boston with the school this summer. Simon’s favourite member of the Pack is Ryan Brierley.


“Having been to Canada on a great number of occasions and seen as a player and coach the huge passion, commitment and dedication Canadians have for Rugby, it is with great pride that i can promote and support the Wolfpack.”
38. Daniel Tate

Nationality: British

Located: Ancaster, Canada

Twitter: dantate13

Instagram: dantate13


Originally born in Dewsbury, Daniel Tate started his time as a Rugby League fan supporting Huddersfield Giants. He played amateur Rugby with local clubs Dewsbury Moor and Shaw Cross before emigrating to Canada seven years ago. He loves attending Wolfpack games with his wife and daughter. Daniel’s favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims. “None of us is as strong as all of us, together we can drive awareness and make Toronto Wolfpack the home of Rugby League in North America.”
39. Judith Tope

Nationality: British

Located: Almeria, Spain

Twitter: sparkiebabe

Instagram: N/A


Judith ‘Ju’ Tope has been a fan of the ‘beautiful’ game of Rugby League for 60 years. She has watched every single Super League team in their respective home stadiums and almost all of the Championship and League 1 teams too. Ju loves tuning into Premier Sports to watch the Wolfpack every weekend and can’t wait to spread the word about the team and Rugby League in Southern Spain, where she now lives. Her favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims.



“To be an ambassador and part of the worldwide Rugby League community makes me very happy.  I will relish the opportunity to promote the game outside of its heartlands – all I need are the guts to do it!”


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