Team Sims

Global Ambassadors – Team Sims

Toronto Wolfpack’s portfolio of Global Ambassadors just keeps on growing and we are delighted to announce Team Sims. Put together with the help of Sims himself, Team Sims includes individuals located in the USA, UK, SIngapore, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, Papua New Guinea and Wales. Get to know your Ambassadors below.

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40. James Ashton

Nationality: Australian

Located: Houston, USA

Twitter: the_imedicine

Instagram: jameslrashton


A passionate Rugby League fan since he was in primary school, James Ashton was disappointed to leave behind his Brisbane Broncos when he moved to Canada. Since then, however, he has found a new team to back – Toronto Wolfpack. James now lives in Houston, Texas and enjoys keeping up with the Pack’s success from the US. His favourite member of the Pack is Blake Wallace. “I’m excited to be part of the greatest game of all, played in the one of the greatest cities.”


41. Matt MacLeod

Nationality: British

Located: Nottingham, UK

Twitter: mattmacleod

Instagram: N/A


Matt MacLeod first became a Rugby League fan after watching NRL highlights on YouTube. Having been a Rugby Union nut up until that point, he was impressed with League’s speed. Matt has been a Wolfpack supporter since the team’s inception and he’s now delighted to be part of the team as a Global Ambassador. His favourite members of the Pack are Greg Worthington and Blake Wallace.


“Rugby League is a fantastic sport and the story of Toronto Wolfpack is helping to demonstrate that to people not just in North America but all around the world. To be even just a small part of that story is a huge honour.”



42. Perry Essig

Nationality: Canadian/American

Located: Singapore

Twitter: perryessig

Instagram: perry_essig


Perry Essig played Rugby as a child in Toronto and later at university. He moved away from Canada but returned for a short period, just as the Wolfpack were starting up. He immediately fell in love with the team and has been following them closely ever since. Now living in Singapore, Perry can’t wait to build the Wolfpack brand in Asia. His favourite member of the Pack is Liam Kay. “I’m psyched to be a Global Ambassador for the Pack. Now that I’ve returned to Singapore, I look forward to bringing the Wolves to the Lion City.”
43. Mark Stickings

Nationality: British

Located: London, UK

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


A lifelong Rugby fan, Mark has taken great interest in the Toronto Wolfpack project. He believes the players are great ambassadors for the sport and he’s delighted to now be an Ambassador of the team himself. Mark is looking forward to one day watching the Wolfpack play in Super League.  Mark’s favourite member of the Pack is Ryan Brierley.


“I am proud to contribute to the success of this exciting adventure with Toronto Wolfpack.”
44. Ben Howard

Nationality: Australian

Located: Canberra, Australia

Twitter: BM_Howard

Instagram: N/A


Ben Howard’s love affair with Rugby started when he was just 8, playing for his local team Hurstville United. That began an association which lasted 20 years as he rose up to the role of Club Secretary. Ben is a founding Board Member of the Vanuatu Rugby League (VRL) and is determined to grow the game in the area. His favourite members of the Pack are Chase Stanley and Blake Wallace.


“I’m honoured to become an Ambassador for the Toronto Wolfpack. The Wolfpack are an absolute game changer for Rugby League.”
45. Hans Verveer

Nationality: Dutch

Located: Netherlands

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: hansv1992


Originally a big soccer fan and player, Hans Verveer discovered the great sport of Rugby at 23-years-old. He played for Harderwijk Dolphins as a forward and helped spread the game across the Netherlands with his teammates. Hans was named captain and was quickly selected to play for the Netherlands national team. Now, he’s delighted to link up with Toronto Wolfpack as a Global Ambassador. His favourite member of the Pack is Darcy Lussick.


“I believe the Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassadors Programme will help us grow the game of Rugby in the Netherlands.”
46. Martin Randle

Nationality: British/Canadian

Located: Salt Spring Island, Canada

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: wellpetsvets


Martin Randle was first introduced to Rugby in 1977 when his family moved to Widnes in the UK. Upon emigrating to Canada in 1992, he kept his ties with the sport and he was ecstatic to hear about the Wolfpack when the team was founded in 2016. Martin now lives on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and works as a veterinarian. His favourite member of the Pack is Liam Kay. “Global ambassador equates with introducing our great game to a wanting following world wide and especially for myself on the Pacific coast of Canada.”
47. Robyn Kasmara

Nationality: Canadian

Located: Toronto, Canada

Twitter: Hello_Miika

Instagram: robyndenise


Back in 2014, Robyn Kasmara was taken to a Canada vs Scotland Rugby match and was instantly a huge fan. Now she follows Toronto Wolfpack along with her husband and enjoys connecting with fans from overseas and in Canada.  Robyn’s favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims. “I love the Wolfpack and I love to tell people about the team and the games.”
48. Kirsten Ulrich

Nationality: Canadian

Located: Hamilton, Canada

Twitter: kirsten0315

Instagram: N/A


Kirsten Ulrich’s introduction to Rugby came completely by chance. Channel surfing one day, she came across a network showing the Wolfpack and was hooked. She went to her first game the following week and hasn’t looked back. Kirsten enjoys being part of the Rugby family and is looking forward to making a difference as a Global Ambassador. Her favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims.


“I enjoy welcoming visiting fans to the Den, and I look forward to spreading the word in the Toronto area and with community partners.”
49. Tobert Torato

Nationality: Papua New Guinea

Located: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Twitter: tobert_torato

Instagram: mahn_pik


Rugby League is the national sport of Papua New Guinea and Tobert Torato has been playing the game since the age of 7. He is the Chairman of the PNGNRLC (Digicel Cup) Match Review Committee for PNG’s Premier RL Competition and was formerly part of the Appeals Committee. Tobert sees the Wolfpack as a pioneer of Rugby in North America. His favourite member of the Pack is Reni Maitua.


“It’s an honour and privilege to be part of this great club as a Global Ambassador. It

means a lot as a supporter of the team and Rugby League in general.”


50. Mike Simpson

Nationality: Australian

Located: Brisbane, Australia

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: the_great_simo


Mike is a journalist with the Queensland Rugby League, but his love for Rugby League started well before he started writing. In 1991, Mike responded to an advertisement in Rugby Leaguer magazine asking for assistance in getting Rugby League in Scotland off the ground. Being 12 000 km away didn’t dissuade him one bit from answering the call to action. From that point on Mike has devoted his life’s work to everything Rugby, running two Facebook pages dedicated to Rugby League in Brisbane and also the UK/abroad. His favourite member of the pack is Ashton Sims.


“To be a Global Ambassador would certainly be the pinnacle for myself being an international Rugby League enthusiast.”


51. Travis McMahon

Nationality: Australian

Located: Gerringong, Australia

Twitter: Travisty104

Instagram: travistymcmahon


Dating back as far as Travis can remember, he has followed and played Rugby League. Raised in the fertile Rugby town of Gerringong, Australia, Travis grew up around some prominent Rugby players including the Pack’s very own Ashton Sims. It comes as no surprise that Travis’ favourite member of the pack is hometown hero Ashton Sims.


“We love Canada and love Rugby League. I would really relish any opportunity to help spread the word about the Wolfpack even further. It would mean the world to me!”
52. Callum Howells

Nationality: Welsh

Located: Cardiff, Wales

Twitter: callumhowells19

Instagram: callumlhowells


At the age of 6, Callum Howells’ grandfather sat him down to watch a game between St Helens and Wigan Warriors and he was instantly hooked on Rugby League. Originally from Swansea, Callum is currently living in Cardiff and follows Toronto Wolfpack from afar. Just a few weeks ago, however, he made the trip across the pond to watch the team in person at Lamport Stadium.  Callum’s favourite member of the Pack is Blake Wallace.



“It’s a huge honour to be a Global Ambassador for the Wolfpack, as I have followed the team from the UK from their creation and I love watching them improve on and off field.”


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