Team Stanley

Global Ambassadors – Team Stanley

Toronto Wolfpack’s portfolio of Global Ambassadors just keeps on growing – and we’re delighted to announce Team Stanley. With individuals located in Australia, Romania, Canada, Vanuatu, Christmas Island, the Philippines, USA, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Morocco, Team Stanley is one of our most diverse teams yet. Get to know you Global Ambassadors below…










79. Mark Bennett

Nationality: Australian

Located: Christmas Island, Indian Ocean

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Growing up in Australia, Mark has been graced with a lot of Rugby coverage. His interest in Rugby League kicked off over 20 years ago when he watched his first game of State of Origin – Queensland Vs New South Wales. The intensity in these 3 games was always on another level – he’s been hooked ever since! He first heard about the Wolfpack and what they were trying to do a couple of years ago. Mark loves the boldness of the organisation and spirit of the team! Mark’s favourite member of the pack is Ashton Sims.


“The Wolfpack has spread its message far and wide and it is an honour to represent the organisation as a Global Ambassador. It won’t be long before the underdog, becomes the top dog!”
80. Tom O’Grady

Nationality: Australian

Located: Queensland, Australia

Twitter: Crashtest_Tommy

Instagram: its_a_unix_system


Rugby League has always been a big part of Tom O’Grady’s life. He’s been playing the game since he was 5 years old and comes from a family of rugby fanatics. He currently plays for the Burdekin Roosters in the Townsville District Rugby League, and travels 100km each way for every training session and home game. His favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims “Being able to spread the word about the greatest game of all to potential new fans and participate in the global growth of the game is fantastic.”



81. Gabriela Tichelea

Nationality: Romanian

Located: Bucharest, Romania

Twitter: GTSAgency

Instagram: Gabi.gts


A former professional handball player, Gabriela Tichelea is now a coach and consultant working in the sport sector in Bucharest, Romania. She recalls often playing rugby during training sessions and is excited to be part of the Global Ambassadors Programme which she believes is a “great initiative”. Gabriela’s favourite member of the Pack is Blake Wallace. “Sharing insights, ideas while promoting the professional sport, will be great.”
82. Susana Ortiz

Nationality: Colombian

Located: Montreal, Canada

Twitter:  N/A

Instagram: N/A


In her application to become a Global Ambassador Susana Ortiz was very honest and admitted she knew nothing of Rugby League prior to 2017. Her boyfriend is Australian and he taught her everything she needs to know. Now, they both attend Wolfpack games whenever they can. Susana’s favourite member of the Pack is Blake Wallace. “ I’m always super excited to share this game with my family, my friends, the people in my community and in the world.”
83. Brett Wright

Nationality: Australian

Located: Port Vila, Vanuatu

Twitter: BrettWright19

Instagram: powerhousevanuatu


Born into a Rugby League loving family, Brett Wright grew up supporting Newcastle Jets. He currently works for the Vanuatu Rugby League system. Brett is extremely excited by Toronto Wolfpack’s project and can’t wait to be part of the team’s Global Ambassadors Programme. His favourite member of the Pack is Josh McCrone. “The Wolfpack is the most exciting team development on the planet, at the pointy end of professional startups and growth. Enjoy the ride.”
84. Philippines National Rugby League

Nationality: Philippines

Located: Philippines

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: philippines_rugby_league


The Philippines National Rugby League has been in existence since 2012 and consists of 4 teams. Rugby League is the fastest growing sport and the national team is the highest ranked sporting organisation of the Philippines. With a population of over 100 million the Philippines are set to emerge as a force in the Rugby world. Collectively, their favourite member of the Pack is Chase Stanley. “The Toronto Wolfpack could have a unprecedented fan base in the Philippines. With Wolfpack games available for viewing and the Wolfpack logo will become synonymous with Rugby League in the country.”
85. Glenn Spigelmyer

Nationality: American

Located: Jacksonville, USA

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


A former player himself, Glenn Spigelmyer has an impressive Rugby resume. He played for US Navy Great Lakes RFC in the 1980s before joining Jacksonville Axeman, a AMNRL/USARL club. He’s still with the Axeman but now he’s the assistant coach. Glenn has followed the Wolfpack from the very beginning and has family living in Oakville, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. His favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims. “Toronto Wolfpack are the next step in growing Professional Rugby League in North America.”
86. Hassan Conteh

Nationality: Sierra Leone

Located: Freetown, Sierra Leone

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Living in Sierra Leone, Africa, Hassan Conteh didn’t have much exposure to the sport of Rugby. It was only when he was first spotted by a man named Mr Rohit that it was suggested he take up the game. Now he is part of the country’s Rugby Development team and his passion for growing the sport across Sierra Leone is obvious. Hassan’s favourite member of the Pack is Blake Wallace. “I am very, very happy to be named a Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassador.”
87. Ahmed Qasim Hussein

Nationality: Iraqi

Located: Baghdad, Iraq

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Ahmed is the Founder and President of Iraqi Rugby Union. He holds a master’s degree in sports administration and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Sports Electricity Club, one of the more prominent clubs in Iraq. Ahmed’s favourite member of the Pack is Jack Bussey. “I am very honoured to work as part of the Global Ambassadors program to spread rugby around the world.”
88. Youness Marfoq

Nationality: Moroccan

Located: Marrakech, Morocco

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Youness Marfoq is a high school physical education teacher located in Marrakech, Morocco. In his spare time he is a referee of Rugby 7’s and 15’s. Youness was first introduced to the game in high school where he played hooker. It comes as no surprise that his favourite member of the Pack is Bob Beswick. “I am very happy to be named a Toronto Wolfpack Global Ambassador.”
89. Big Tee

Nationality: Australian

Located: Sydney, Aus

Twitter: thebiggesttiger

Instagram: thebiggesttiger


A huge Rugby fan living in the League hotbed of Sydney, Australia, Big Tee is a social media personality who even has his own podcast called Sports Best Friends. He enjoys creating original content for his followers and has been a huge follower of the Wolfpack recently. His favourite member of the Pack is Quinn Ngawati. “To help spread it across the globe, while supporting the tireless Toronto Wolfpack in Northern Hemisphere is an absolute honour.”
90. Mike Ledermueller

Nationality: Canadian

Located: Toronto, Canada

Twitter: MLedermueller

Instagram: mledermueller


Mike was first introduced to Rugby in high school where he played full back. Having not played since that time, he jumped at the chance to be part of an exciting new venture in Toronto sports, the Toronto Wolfpack. He has converted all of his friends and family to Wolfpack supporters. Mike’s favourite player is Cory Paterson. “To be an Ambassador for the Wolfpack is a great opportunity to continue to do what I’ve tried to do since game one; make the Toronto Wolfpack and the sport of Rugby League known not only in North America but world-wide.”


91.Steve Piatek

Nationality: Canadian

Located: Brantford, Canada

Twitter: pierugbyguy

Instagram: steviefriday


Steve Piatek is one of the most decorated Canadian Rugby League players all-time. He has earned multiple caps for Canada and competed for them at the most recent World Cup Qualifiers. Steve has co-captained Canada on several occasions and is the all-time leading point scorer for the Canadian Wolverines. His favourite member of the Pack is none other than fellow Canadian Quinn Ngawati. “Becoming a Global Ambassador is meaningful to myself as a Brantford Bronco founding member.”


107. Gisela Quintero

Nationality: Colombian

Located: Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia

Instagram: bellezayestilogisela


Gisela Quintero first became aware of Toronto Wolfpack after she was informed about the team by her niece, who lives in Montreal. She developed a keen interest in Rugby, enjoying the differences the sport has to soccer, Colombia’s national sport. Her favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims. “For me be a Global Ambassador would be a new and exciting experience to share the sport with people from everywhere.”


108. Andreína Duque

Nationality: Venezuelan

Located: San Cristóbal, Táchira, Venezuela

Instagram: duqueandreina


Andreína Duque’s sister is a huge Toronto Wolfpack fan. She has made sure her sibling has become well versed in the team’s fortunes. Now, Andreína is a supporter of the Wolfpack herself. Her favourite member of the Pack is Ashton Sims. “I’m very excited of becoming an Ambassador and continue learning about Rugby League and promote the sport with my friends and family.”



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