Updated Stadium Policies and Procedures

Toronto Wolfpack have made some changes to our existing Lamport Stadium policies. All fans are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new stadium policies and procedures to ensure they do not face issues on Wolfpack game days.

We know that it can get very hot at Lamport Stadium but unfortunately outside food or beverage of any kind is not permitted inside the stadium. As a result the Wolfpack encourage all fans to bring an empty water bottle to the game to stay hydrated during the game. Water bottles can be filled from the water fountains located in the concourse areas underneath both the East and West stands.

From the game on August 10 we will introduce a dedicated entry gate on the North East corner of the stadium that will allow fans to enter with sealed water bottles. Security staff will be on site to carry out a check to ensure that the bottle is indeed sealed and containing water thus preventing prohibited items from entering the stadium.

Lamport Stadium policy also states that no umbrellas are permitted within the stadium. In the event of inclement weather fans are advised to come prepared with raincoats or ponchos fit to handle to elements. Rain jackets and ponchos are also for sale in the Wolfpack Store on Jefferson Street.

From the game on August 10 we will introduce an umbrella check in service. This allows fans that bring an umbrella to the stadium to check this in free of charge at the Toronto Wolfpack Ticket Collection table (located in front of the East Stand). Fans will be given a numbered ticket for each umbrella which will be stored securely and available for collection from the same location and the same staff members after the game.

The items on the prohibited list are there so that everyone can enjoy the game in a friendly and safe environment, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation with this. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis but these must be requested by contacting the Club directly ahead of the game and not through requests at the stadium on game day. The club can be contacted on info@torontowolfpack.com.

Toronto Wolfpack 2019 Policies and Procedures

Gate Opening Times

Gates open for matches at Lamport Stadium 90 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time.

Ticket Box Office Operation

The ticket office at Lamport Stadium will be open for every Toronto Wolfpack match day two hours before the scheduled kick-off time and will close at the conclusion of half-time.


All fans attending Toronto Wolfpack games at Lamport Stadium require a valid ticket, with the exception of children aged 5 and under who will be admitted without a ticket.

Tickets for the 2019 season are issued exclusively through Ticketmaster as:

  • Physical ticket stubs.
  • PDF tickets which need to be printed as US letter size (Note a PDF ticket needs to be printed as a picture of this ticket on a mobile device will not scan for stadium entry).
  • Mobile tickets on cellphones and iPads (these have a QR code).
  • Tickets for the regular season and playoffs are $30 for Adults, $22.50 for ages 16-21, $15 for Under 16s and Over 65s. For more information visit torontowolfpack.com/tickets

Re-entry Policy

There are no in-and-out privileges during Toronto Wolfpack matches at Lamport Stadium.

Wheelchair users will be allowed to leave the East and West Stands after the game and re-enter the Beer Garden by request and will need to be escorted by a member of Team Wolfpack or the Event Services team.


Everyone wants to feel safe at Wolfpack events and so fans are encouraged to arrive early for all fixtures as each patron may have their bags, jackets and other possessions subject to search prior to entry into the venue. Some instances may involve pat-down searches which will only be performed by qualified security personnel. Fans that refuse a search will be denied entry and may not qualify for a refund on their ticket purchase.

Scalping or Re-selling Tickets

Buying or selling any ticket at any price for any event at Lamport Stadium is subject to City of Toronto by-laws. Anyone caught attempting to sell tickets may be prosecuted and face revocation of season tickets or other privileges. We encourage all of our fans to purchase tickets only from Ticketmaster and at the ticket box office on game days to avoid problems with counterfeit, stolen, void or other invalid tickets.

Prohibited Items

Lamport Stadium is a City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation property therefore smoking and vaping are not allowed within the venue.

The following items are prohibited from entering Lamport Stadium:

  • Any Food or Beverage (Sealed water allowed through North East entrance gate only – Water Fountains are available under the East and West Stands)
  • Cans or Bottles
  • Large Bags / Backpacks / Coolers
  • Artificial Noise Makers
  • Alcohol, Illegal Drugs
  • Vaping and Smoking not permitted (Under the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 709)
  • Tripods
  • Pocket Knives or Multipurpose Tools
  • Handguns / Weapons / Laser Pointers on any kind
  • Missile / Projectile like objects
  • Flares / Smoke Bombs / Sparklers or Fireworks of any kind.
  • Animals (except Service Animals)
  • Banners on signs or poles
  • Large Flags
  • Balls or Frisbees
  • Bikes, Skateboards or Scooters
  • Umbrellas (These can be stored at the Toronto Wolfpack Ticket Collections Table – located near East Stand ticket office)
  • Strollers (Must be stored away from stands / entrances – See Event Services for assistance)

Any exceptions in bringing the items above into the stadium must be with the explicit written consent of Toronto Wolfpack ahead of the game. Fans found in possession of the above-mentioned items will be asked to remove the item from the facility or dispose of it. Fans that refuse to comply are liable to be ejected from the facility and may be subject to arrest. Management reserves the right to handle each occurrence on a case-by-case basis. For specific information, please contact us prior to the event at info@torontowolfpack.com.


We’re committed to provide the best experience to our fans attending events at Lamport Stadium and pleased to offer accessible barrier-free sections on the stands that can accommodate wheelchairs. These sections are located at ground level in both the East and West stands.

Accessible seats for Toronto Wolfpack matches can be purchased through Ticketmaster and at the box office on game days.

Washrooms on the main concourse at Lamport Stadium are wheelchair accessible.

Support Person

Every fan attending our matches at Lamport Stadium, including those acting as a support person, is required to hold a valid ticket. Tickets for a support person can be purchased through Ticketmaster and at the box office on game days at the same price as a regular General Admission ticket. Please contact one of our Event Services team if you require a dedicated seat on the wheelchair accessible section as a support person.

Service Animals

All our fans and their service animals are welcome to Wolfpack matches at Lamport Stadium. Service animals may occupy any areas open to the general public.

Alcohol Management

Our goal at the Toronto Wolfpack is to promote responsible alcohol service to enhance fan safety and enjoyment. As such, alcohol may not be brought into Lamport Stadium at any time and any patron found with alcohol purchased externally is subject to instant ejection. Fans may not enter the stadium in an intoxicated state as intoxication in a public place is a criminal offense. Any patron deemed by trained staff to be in an intoxicated state will be removed from the premises.

Any person purchasing, possessing or consuming alcohol must be 19 years of age or older and be able to produce an accepted form of photo identification to prove their age. Acceptable forms of identification include a valid driver’s license, armed forces card, passport, Canadian citizenship card or permanent resident card.

Inclement Weather

Toronto Wolfpack fixtures at Lamport stadium take place rain, hail or shine, but the decision to postpone a match due to weather is at the discretion of the referees, Match Commissioner and Ground Security Official. Tickets will not be refunded for any match that is held as scheduled. In the rare event of a cancellation or postponement, Toronto Wolfpack event staff will announce policies and procedures to all ticketed fans.

Fans are advised to prepare for all types of weather, and in the case of inclement weather bring raincoats or ponchos. Fans are reminded that Umbrellas are not allowed within Lamport Stadium (These can be stored at the Toronto Wolfpack Ticket Collections Table – located near East Stand ticket office).

Fans Code of Conduct

The Toronto Wolfpack are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all fans attending events in Lamport Stadium. In order to assist us in doing so, we have created a Code of Conduct that all fans are expected to adhere to while at Lamport Stadium. Ejections from the venue or arrest will be used as a last resort; however, it is at the discretion of stadium security, police or management as to whether or not a warning will be issued. Any fan who is ejected will have their tickets revoked and will not be compensated in any way. Ejection may result in the loss of season tickets or other privileges. Season ticket and VIP ticket holders are reminded that they are responsible for the behavior of anyone using their tickets

We ask that fans be respectful of those around them and that they conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Smoking inside the stadium (Under the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 709).
  • Standing on bleachers.
  • Sitting or standing in the aisles.
  • Entering or attempting to enter restricted areas without proper authorization or credentials.
  • Fighting or challenging others to fight. Any physical or verbal altercations are subject to immediate ejection.
  • Wearing clothing deemed to be offensive, obscene or indecent.
  • Throwing, tossing and/or discharging any object within the facility.
  • Using profanity and/or other offensive, obscene, or abusive gestures or language toward or in reference to other fans, players, coaches, referees, performers or staff members. Interference with the event in any way, shape or form.
  • Disturbing the enjoyment of other fans in attendance.
  • Bringing prohibited items into the building.
  • Violating Toronto Wolfpack Event rules, regulations, or policies.
  • Violating any local, provincial or federal laws.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Toronto Wolfpack at info@torontowolfpack.com.


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