Steve Piatek

What is your coaching background and what made you want to coach?

My background is from rugby union where I have coached from U8 to Senior Men and Women. For rugby league, my experience starts at U6 with the Haldimand Wolfpack a program that started to pay homage to the Toronto Wolfpack and the Brantford Broncos Senior Men. When I coach, I want to spread the gospel of rugby. The love and culture of the game drive my desire to coach.

What is your coaching philosophy or style?

My intention when coaching is to build better people. Not just the sport, but to round out the person. I believe we can always improve and my aim is to push people to find the best within themselves. It is best to get to know each player and build a personal relationship with them. By getting to know an individual, it is easier to match their desires and team goals to get them to be their best self.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a coach and how does it shape the way you will run the Wolfpack?

It is not about outcomes; it is about process and consistency. We will work with the team to build a culture of excellence in processes.

If you could have dinner with any legendary player or coach, from any sport, who would it be and why?

Wayne Gretzky would be great to have a sit down with. He is from Brantford too and in my humble opinion the greatest hockey player of all time. I think Matty Johns would be an interesting guy to share a pint with too. He has great stories and insight into the game.

What's your go-to game day tune?

Say Something by Tiësto.

What is your message to the fans?

See you at The Den and bring your friends!


Toronto Wolfpack Thank Fans for Incredible Journey

While we will not erase any of the fantastic, historic and positive achievements of Wolfpack, Team Wolfpack promises that together we will make new great memories on our journey together.