To Our Wolfpack Family

To our Wolfpack family:

Congratulations to the players and coaches on an undefeated season in 2023! We just wanted to share our thoughts on this season's Canada Cup and let you all know we are working hard planning the 2024 Canada Cup season right now. We hope to build on this season's positives and avoid this season's hurdles.

It was no small challenge to get to where we are and to put on the games that we did. Game day started out small but we were able to build it over the season with the expansion of vendors in the Beer Garden, bringing back the Wolfpack dancers to help Jefferson and spotlighting other local Rugby teams at halftime. Rest assured, fans will see a few of the teams we played in 2023 again in the 2024 Canada Cup season along with the addition of some new exciting opposition teams.As you all know, there does not exist a Rugby League professional or semi-professional league to pull opposition from in North America so we are looking to go further afield to find some exciting match ups and we will keep you posted as we go. Stay tuned to our social media and/or website for updates on the 2024 Canada Cup season.

We noticed some comments regarding our organization and general operation and would like to share the following:

We pay our players to play in each match as well as our coaches and game day staff while also incurring travel costs of the visiting teams. We have taken lessons learned from this season and crafted an improved operational plan with a model of growth for the future. Our goal at Wolfpack is that each season our fans will see changes that improve our organisation on and off the field as well as improve the fan game day experience. Obviously, for this to be sustainable and for Rugby League play to continue to grow in Canada, we rely on the support of our fans and fan attendance at games.

A short explanation for the few cancelled games this season. Basically, the travel arrangements were not booked in a timely manner by the opposition teams. Efforts were made to help facilitate the travel arrangements but by the time we had the correct information so that the arrangements could be scheduled, the cost was not viable to have the teams attend. We have made changes to our participation agreement and participation terms to help mitigate these issues for 2024.

We would also like to announce that we have updated the Wolfpack official store with new pricing and a 10% discount for all orders over $150 CAD. We will be adding additional items over the coming weeks so stay tuned to our website and social channels for updates on products and specials. Is there something you would like to see added to the store? Drop us a line at or leave a comment on the Contact page of the online store.

We will also be announcing some new partnerships in the coming weeks that will give more to the fan experience and enhance our corporate profile while staying true to our brand and direction. Although the season has finished, we are not going into hibernation. We are a full time operation off the field and will be working hard to keep enhancing your experience and building for the new season. So please stay engaged as we bring new announcements!!

We sincerely appreciate all the fans that came out this season to welcome Team Wolfpack back to Lamport Stadium and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Yours in Sport

Gary Sloane


Toronto Wolfpack Thank Fans for Incredible Journey

While we will not erase any of the fantastic, historic and positive achievements of Wolfpack, Team Wolfpack promises that together we will make new great memories on our journey together.

The team has a lot to do putting together the front and back office, but we will keep everybody up to date on a regular basis via social media.

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Team Wolfpack

Verstappen looking forward to ‘amazing atmosphere’ on return to Zandvoort
Verstappen looking forward to ‘amazing atmosphere’ on return to Zandvoort