Toronto Wolfpack proud to support the Terry Fox Foundation through the 2024 season

The Toronto Wolfpack RLFC is very proud to announce we will be supporting The Terry Fox Foundation during our 2024 season.

Terry Fox was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer in his right leg, when he was just 18. Days later, his leg was amputated. During his treatment, Terry witnessed the pain of other patients, which quickly led him to his life’s mission. And on a chilly April morning in 1980, Terry dipped his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean in St. John’s Newfoundland and began what would become one of the most iconic and enduring journeys in Canadian history.

He called it the Marathon of Hope and it was Terry’s way of shining a spotlight on the importance of cancer research. His goal was equal parts outrageous and courageous: to cross the country by running a marathon each day and to raise $1 from every Canadian.

Terry made it more than halfway – covering an astonishing 5,373 kilometers in just 143 days – before his cancer forced him to stop outside of Thunder Bay. But something remarkable had happened. Canadians rallied behind his fierce determination and his message of hope. For the first time, people believed a future without cancer was possible.

Terry died eight months later. He was just 21.

Today, The Terry Fox Foundation continues Terry’s mission to fundraise for innovative research that accelerates the pace of discovery. It’s working: 50 years ago, childhood leukemia had a survival rate of less than 3%. Today, that number is more than 90%! 

Throughout the 2024 season, the Wolfpack will share Terry's message of hope and philanthropy with our community. And, we’ll encourage our players and supporters to embrace Terry’s indomitable spirit and his unshakable belief that, “Anything is possible, if you try.”

Terry challenged us to believe in miracles… to believe in a world without cancer. And today, his legacy continues to inspire us to join forces inthe relentless pursuit of a world without cancer.

One person can make a difference. Imagine what an entire Wolfpack can do!?

“We are thrilled to amplify the work of The Terry Fox Foundation this season. Cancer is a universal fear. It’s something we all understand because, tragically, so many of us have lost loved ones to it. On behalf of the entire Wolfpack family, we look forward to helping the Terry Fox Foundation raise awareness and support for this important cause. Together, we can make a real difference in the fight against cancer.”

Gary Sloane, CEO, Toronto Wolfpack RLFC

“Terry was an amazing athlete and an incredible humanitarian. I know I speak for the Wolfpack’s management, coaches, players, and fans when I say we’re all looking forward to raising funds that will support innovative cancer research; save and improve the lives of people living with, and beyond, cancer; and bring us closer to Terry’s dream of a world without cancer.”

Robin Legault, Head Coach, Toronto Wolfpack RLFC

“We are grateful and excited that the Toronto Wolfpack wants to share and support Terry’s timeless message. The Wolfpack’s commitment to this life-changing research is exciting.”

Michael Mazza, Executive Director, The Terry Fox Foundation


Toronto Wolfpack Thank Fans for Incredible Journey

While we will not erase any of the fantastic, historic and positive achievements of Wolfpack, Team Wolfpack promises that together we will make new great memories on our journey together.

The team has a lot to do putting together the front and back office, but we will keep everybody up to date on a regular basis via social media.

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