You Asked, We Listened: Let’s Build the Pack

You Asked, We Listened: Let’s Build the Pack 

To our Wolfpack family: 

We hear you and we see you. 

Over the last week, we’ve been reading your feedback on our recent posts, and you’re right: we can do better. Your comments, messages, and posts have not gone unnoticed. We've heard your concerns, your frustrations, and your suggestions for improvement.

So, here’s our promise to you: we will be more transparent, informative, and open with our plans moving forward. We owe it to you, our fans, to earn back your trust and support; we have fallen short of your expectations and we are sorry. 

To start, we’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve received over the last few days; we want to address those right now. We hope we can clear up some misinformation and we want to start a dialogue.  

Please continue to share your thoughts and feedback. You are the reason why we’re here; let’s work together to rebuild our pack and be better than ever!

Okay, we know that’s a lot to take in, so thank you for your patience. Have a read-through of this post and hopefully, this answers your questions; if we missed anything or you want to know more, please let us know in the comments. 

We know we can’t fix everything overnight, but let’s start walking in the right direction. 

Commonly Asked Questions 

Question 1: What makes the Wolfpack different now?

We are not the same Wolfpack you previously knew. In 2021, we bought the image and branding from the previous owner. While we maintained the team name and logo, we are a completely different club–logistically, financially, and operationally–than the one that was under the former ownership. We are not associated with that era of the Wolfpack in any way. We are your new Toronto Wolfpack.

Question 2: Okay, so who are we then? Who now owns the Toronto Wolfpack?

In 2021, Gary Sloane and his business partner purchased the Wolfpack with the intention to bring rugby back to Toronto and back to its fans. Unfortunately, just two weeks after the first match, Gary’s partner passed away. As you can imagine, this was an unexpected and devastating time. Nevertheless, Gary was determined to honour the memory of his former partner, so he teamed up with Adam LaTour to continue the mission that they started. If you want to learn more about Gary and Adam, we will have a dedicated social post to introduce them. 

Question 3: When will you announce the team? 

Very soon! We wanted to address these questions first before officially announcing any of the players or the coaches. However, expect some team news to drop and get ready to meet our new head coach in the next couple of days!   

Question 4: When will you announce the beer garden?

Right now: we’re pleased to officially announce the beer garden will return, along with the city’s food merchant We have been working behind the scenes with new partners to bring the experience back and we will be sharing more with you soon.

Question 5: Why are ticket prices so high?

We put a lot of consideration into our ticket pricing with one ultimate goal: to make gameday affordable, especially for families, while still providing an amazing experience. That is why every adult-priced ticket ($35) includes FREE admission for an accompanying child (15 years and under); we are committed to making it easier and more affordable for families to enjoy sports together. And for those of you who do not attend games with children, we are working on a loyalty program as a way to thank you for your support. Stay tuned for more information! 

Question 6: When will we see the kit? 

Just as soon as we unpack all these Macron boxes laying around the office… 👀👀👀

(yes, that’s a teaser for things to come!) 

Question 7: What about my previous season tickets? When will I get my refund?

We understand and are sympathetic to everyone that was affected by the previous owner’s mismanagement. We wish we could help settle any outstanding financial matters, but it is beyond the scope of our ownership. We are open to other ways that we can help make your Wolfpack experience better and we encourage you to keep up-to-date with any current news about the previous ownership. 

Question 8: Will you still try to aim for streetcars? 

Okay, no one actually asked this, but the answer is: Yes. Definitely yes. 

Did we miss something? Please let us know. And thank you again for working through this with us. 

Now, let’s get ready to #DefendTheDen!


Toronto Wolfpack Thank Fans for Incredible Journey

While we will not erase any of the fantastic, historic and positive achievements of Wolfpack, Team Wolfpack promises that together we will make new great memories on our journey together.

The team has a lot to do putting together the front and back office, but we will keep everybody up to date on a regular basis via social media.

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Team Wolfpack

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